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An Evening of Stargazing

Authors Discuss How to Write and Publish in the Field of Star Studies


“’British Film Institute Star Studies Panel’ (from left to right) Martin Shingler, Cynthia Baron, Jacqueline Reich, Keri Walsh).” Photo courtesy of Fordham University English Department.

On the evening of Friday, September 19 at Fordham University’s Lincoln Center, I attended an engaging and productive panel discussion entitled “British Film Institute Star Studies.” The session focused on “the thorniest questions encountered in star studies” contributing to Fordham’s three-day conference “Rethinking Realist Acting,” organized to confront established notions about realism in film and theater.

The panelists, speaking from personal experience, introduced some of the challenges scholars face when writing about a screen star and suggested various methodological approaches to negotiating them. The four panel speakers were the editor and authors of books on movie stars, three speakers had written BFI series books. Continue reading

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