“‘They’re Selling An Image:’ Movie Stars Playing ‘Hookers Cut to Look Like Movie Stars’ in L.A. Confidential,Selling Sex on Screen. Ed. Catriona McAvoy and Karen Ritzenhoff. Rowman and Littlefield. Forthcoming: Summer, 2015. Print.

I discuss how industry anxieties pertaining to emerging digital technologies are projected onto the female body – specifically the narrative’s female prostitutes who have received cosmetic surgery to resemble Hollywood movie starlets. The cosmetically altered body stands in for the digitally manipulated image.

“No Women! Brothers Only: Propaganda, Warner Bros. and The Fighting 69th, Gender and Heroism. Ed. Karen Ritzenhoff and Jakub Kazecki. Palgrave Macmillian. Spring, 2014. Print.

Using archival sources, I discuss Warners late decision to eliminate all of the female characters from the movie The Fighting 69th.

Review of Hollywood and Hitler by Thomas Doherty Film & History. Spring, 2014. Print.