Helen Van Upp in Hollywood

I’m currently writing a short profile on Helen Van Upp for Columbia University’s excellent “Women Film Pioneers Project.” Here is an informative article from The Guardian that highlights the WFPP.

By the 1940s Helen Van Upp’s own early film career had largely been eclipsed by that of her daughter’s success – executive producer, Virginia Van Upp.  However, Helen had served as head of the reading department at several large studios, worked as an editor, scenarist, script teacher, and for a while she even ran her own production company. She was well known and liked in Hollywood’s small community right up until her death at the age of 93 in 1969. Over the course of her life Helen Van Upp witnessed the rise and fall of Hollywood’s studio system.

Sadly I don't have a better quality photo at this time. I have yet to find a physical copy of this edition of Moving Picture World.

Helen Van Upp in 1923. Sadly I don’t as yet have a better quality photo. I’m looking for a physical copy of this edition of Moving Picture World.



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